vermnt covered bridges

Woodstock, Vermont

We hadn’t planned to a stop in Woodstock, but I (Emily) completely feel head over heels for Vermont, so Jeff knew I would just love Woodstock. And I did!!

vermont dam

The drive to Woodstock from Sharon was GORGEOUS. I know that is a word I’ve used a lot (if you’ve followed our posts on East Coast trip), but those fall leaves! We drove over a bridge with this dam below and had to turn around, pull over and snap a picture (all while the kids slept in the car!). It doesn’t do it justice. It was breathtaking.

Woodstock Main Info. Board

Once we made it to Woodstock (and passed some completely charming wood covered bridges- a couple photos of some of them we saw below) we made it to the heart of Woodstock. So many antique shops, people strolling everywhere, little restaurants, charming bed and breakfasts. Oh I loved it.

Woodstock Covered Bridge

 view from the woodstock bridge

The main highlight was this amazing bridge. We drove through it a few times and also got out and walked across it a few times.

Vermont homes vermont buildings

The many colonial homes and other buildings (pictured above) were just as charming.

Woodstock Covered Bridge view from the woodstock bridgeWoodstock Farmer's Market

We also recommend you stop by the Woodstock Farmers Market on the edge of town. It was darling! So many yummy maple and apple treats (seriously the BEST fresh cider we’ve EVER had) and other local goodies fresh eats.





Sharon, VT white chapel vermont roads

vermont bed and breakfasts the shire in woodstock

We did discover our cell phone provider gets ZERO reception in Woodstock. We were completely lost without GoogleMaps!! We pulled over at this Bed and Breakfast and as soon as we told them we lost cell service, they immediately said,’You have Sprint, huh?’  Haha. They were kind enough to print us directions to help us get on  our way. It was a darling B & B and we would love to go back and stay there sometime.

vermont countryside

vermont countryside Vermont General Store

Oh we loved the few hours we spent in Woodstock. It was such a darling city and if we lived closer, we’d spend every weekend in the Fall there. Our most important of important tip, though: when buying maple syrup, buy WAY more than you think you need. Buy WAY more than you can fit in your suitcase. Because when you get home and try it for the first time and finish the quart you bought the first week back, you are going to be DEVASTATED. Once you have Vermont Syrup, you won’t go back. It’s torture!! Yes. It really is THAT good.


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