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Six LDS Temples to visit on the East Coast

As part of our family-of-five-East-Coast-frenzy, we had the opportunity to visit several LDS (sometimes also known as Mormon) Temples. These Temples represent so much to us, but the most  important thing is that represent family’s can be together forever (and yes, even after spending two weeks-every hour, every minute with each other- we still want to be together forever, haha).  Some of the Temples have Visitor’s Centers, some didn’t. We would walk around the beautiful grounds and always have our kids touch a corner of each Temple. Sometimes we would pick up a leaf or acorn to keep, other times a potato bug (roly poly to some-haha, those didn’t get to come in the rental car, though).  In total, we were able to visit six LDS Temples that are on the East Coast of the United States, from Washington D.C., up to the brand new, and long awaited, Hartford, Connecticut.

Connecticut LDS Temple Philadelphia LDS Temple Palmyra LDS Temple

{Pictured from left to right: Connecticut, Philadelphia, Palmyra.}

Manhattan LDS Temple

 Boston LDS Temple Washington DC LDS Temple

{Cont…Manhattan, Boston and Washington D.C.}


This Temple is absolutely gorgeous. The grounds are peaceful and beautiful to walk around. You feel like you are in the middle of a wooded forest. You may first notice this Temple from the freeway as you are heading into the city. The six spires, especially when they are lit up at night, are breathtaking.

Washington D.C. Temple

DC LDS Temple DC LDS Temple

Washington D.C. LDS Temple Christus LDS DC Temple

DC LDS Temple Visitor Center DC LDS Visitor Center

There is a wonderful Visitor’s Center where anyone (member or not) can visit. Here you will see a mini-replica of the Temple- allowing you a peak of how the Temple looks inside.


The main reason for our trip, and what inspired it many years ago, was the announcement of the Hartford, CT Temple. It took many years for this Temple to come into fruition. Jeff served his LDS Mission in CT and RI and we knew we wanted to come for the Open House (when a Temple  is brand new, there is a public open house where anyone, of any religion or age, can take a tour and get a peak inside).  The detail was amazing- true to Connecticut’s colonial heritage.  If you would like to see the official pictures- including many of the interior, visit here.

Connecticut LDS Temple

Connecticut LDS Temple Connecticut LDS Temple


This is also a brand new Temple, right in the heart of Philadelphia. We missed the Open House for this by a few weeks, but you can view official photos of the interior here. There is also a small Visitor’s Center just across the street from the Temple.

Philly LDS Temple Philly LDS Temple


For more LDS Sites on the East Coast, read our post on Palmyra here.

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