Mayflower 2

Going Back to 1620 in Plymouth, Mass.

Plymouth Mayflower

The coastal town of Plymouth, Massachusetts, is rich in U.S. History. It was the site of the first Pilgrim settlement in 1620 and there are several different places to visit here. We only had the morning (this was part of our East Coast trip- more on that here) but we knew we wanted to do something in Plymouth! We found a great parking spot right along the coast and a short walk later, we made it to the Mayflower II. The Mayflower II is a full-scale reproduction of the ship that brought the Pilgrims here. It was amazing to see and really made us think what it would be like to live on a ship (without bathrooms!) for more than 10 weeks. There were several ‘actors’ who were in full-attire and character that you could ask questions about the voyage. We learned a lot of interesting facts: most of the women and children stayed below deck because it was too dangerous above, nobody died on the voyage, and it was often cold and damp below deck. Our kids really had a great time during the hour we spent aboard. Unfortunately/fortunately the Mayflower II is currently under renovation until 2019, in preparation of the 400th commemoration of when the Pilgrims reached New England’s shore. However, if you have more time you can tour Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum dedicated to telling the history of Plymouth Colony from the perspective of both the Pilgrims and the Native Wampanoag people. Find out more information of Plimoth Plantation, including pricing and hours, here.

Mayflower II tour Mayflower

Mayflower tour Plymouth

 Plymouth, MA

Plymouth Rock

A short walk from the Mayflower II is Plymouth Rock. (It is located underneath the white columns pictured above.)

Plymouth Rock Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock Plymouth Rock

We waited a few minutes to get a front row view, but we’re glad we did.

Then, we drove around and loved the feel of this charming city! It was a quick visit here, but so glad we made made the stop.



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