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LEGOLAND, California

Legoland is such a great place to visit with young kids (and old ones alike who just love Legos!) We took our kids when they were 3, 6 and 9 and they were the perfect ages! Legoland is the ideal place for kids 10 and younger as there are several kid-only rides with maximum height restrictions (meaning adults can’t ride- we get to just watch). The Driving School and Jr. Driving School pictured below is an example (this was also our kids’ favorite- who didn’t want to drive a car like a grown-up when you were little?!).

 legoland cars

legoland cars legoland cars

If purchased at LegoLand California, tickets for one day admission are $84 for children (3-12) and $90 (13+), but can be purchased much cheaper through various deals. For example, Lego Magazine always has a coupon, including a free child admission when purchasing an Adult Park Hopper Ticket. The Park Hopper Ticket is good for admission into two parks: Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium or the Water Park (all within walking distance of each other). Costco also has season passes for Legoland California: $95.99 for unlimited admission to all three Legoland California Parks. One day was more than enough for Legoland (and a few hours was plenty for the aquarium), however, if you plan to go to the Water Park, or spend more than one day at Legoland, the pass through Costco is a great deal! Just be aware that there are blackout days in July and August.

 legoland r2d2 legoland chewy starwars

The Star Wars Miniland was a huge highlight for our Star Wars loving boy (notice the padowan braid? Aren’t we glad that phase is over now!!).

lego star wars miniland

legoland starwars legoland star wars

Miniland USA was so cool- we could just see the wheels turning in our kids’ imaginations. It was SUPER hot, as much of this is in direct sunlight, no shade, so plan to go in the morning or evening when it’s a bit cooler.

us capitol legoland white house legoland legoland washington monument

legoland rides

In this area, adults (or at least one big kid) is needed to ride both rides as you are the source of power!

legoland rides

legoland legos in line

Most of the lines throughout the park have little Lego building centers for kids to play in while parents wait in lines. These two rides had the longest wait times while we were there. Consider skipping these rides altogether or go in the evening when it’s not quite so hot.

 legoland rides

In this ride, you pull yourself up- work those arms!

legoland rides 

legoland pedaling rides


On this ride, you must be able to reach the peddles (neither of our young girls could reach- so lucky mom got to do the work!)



Heartlake had a darling carousel, little playground (great for 8 and younger) and of course singing and dancing from our favorite Heartlake City girls!



Although these boats were fun, they were very challenging to maneuver! Our 9 year old had a tough time driving- next time we’d have a parent go with him!

legoland park

There were several fun parks throughout. This one was nice and shady! A perfect spot to rest tired feet.

legoland splash pool

There is also a mini splashpad/water park called Soak N Sail  in Legoland (not to be confused with the Legoland Waterpark, which is separate). There are locker/dressing rooms to change into swimsuits (yay! no need to wear your swimsuit all day!) and store anything you don’t want to get wet.  There is also a big family sized dryer, that for a fee of about $5, you can also blow dry off in. We had a ton of fun in this section! Plan to spend at least 1 1/2- 2 hours here (or more!) and pack towels, swimsuits and sunscreen.

legoland parks legoland ball pit fun

Another park in Legoland- while the kids played, we enjoyed some Granny’s Apple Fries. MMMM. Definitely try some.

legoland rides legoland

playing at legoland ca legoland lines

Waiting in line was never so fun! For a map and complete list of all attractions (including height restrictions and requirements) visit the Legoland site here.

Other tidbits not pictured:

While we were there, they had a special dining option where kids ate free with paying adults at select restaurants. We took advantage of this- our kids loved the all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta (and salad) at the Pizza & Pasta Buffet. Look for these special deals!

Also be sure to ask a cast member for a “First Time Visit” Button- our kids were so excited to get theirs!

Although we try to avoid busy season, we did visit Legoland in June. It was crowded, but not overly. The majority of wait times were 20 minutes or less.


Have you been before? What are your Legoland tips and tricks??

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