How WE do the Grand Ole Opry! 8 things you’ll discover at Nashville’s most famous venue

A trip to Nashville isn’t complete without a tour or a show from the famous Grand Ole Opry. Built in ??, this ?? -seat venue has the acoustics that make a music fan …Grand Ole Opry







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  1. In 201?, Nashville was underwater. Big time. Unfortunately for country music fans the sacred Opry Showhouse was severely damaged. At least four feet of water poured into the Opry which closed for nearly a year to undergo a massive restoration project. The Opry
  2. The Opry does not valet and stars must move their own cone when entering their vehicle into the parking lot.
  3. The Grand Ole Opry Post Office. Write to your favorite country artist and mail it to the Grand Ole Opry and the letter will be delivered to the star’s mailbox. Box # ? is Brad Paisley. #? Is Garth Brooks. #? Is …..
  4. How many stars are members of the Opry….how often do they induct… and what does it all mean…
  5. The 6 feet circle from the Ryman… Brad Paisley quote “The dirt from Hank Williams’ boots has fallen into the cracks.
  6. How it all started… NBC ….
  7. What is the capacity of the Opry?


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