About UsHow We Vacation is a family travel blog that documents our adventures from coast to coast and the tips and tricks we learn along the way. We’ll take things overseas (eventually), but for now we’ll focus on our family’s journey across the good ole U-S- of A! As we say “Let’s Go Everywhere!”


Emily keeps busy working at the kids’ school, and chauffeuring them to and from dance, gymnastics, and basketball. She loves to bake and read and enjoys trying new local eateries – she’s slowly eating her way across the Salt Lake Valley! She is a self-described popcorn snob, a chapstick addict, and loves all things Judy, Audrey, and Lorelai. Her next bucket list item is to see the Northern Lights. Her favorite restaurant, right now, is Founding Farmers in Washington, D.C.

Jeff works in public relations and loves gardening, American history, ’90s country music, and Fantasy Football. He is a “trending” podcaster (find Guys on the Sideline!), an aspiring magician, a frustrated golfer, and loves that feeling of discovering a new city for the first time. His next bucket list item is to explore the Maine coast. He has enjoyed every square inch of Washington, D.C., and his favorite restaurant is Lambert’s in Austin, Texas.

If you can’t tell, we are all just a little bit obsessed with Disney! It really is the happiest place on earth!