Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

8 Interesting Facts about Andrew Jackson and The Hermitage — a Nashville must see!

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage


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1. Andrew Jackson wanted his name to be remembered. Born in … Although you could say the deck was stacked against him: Jackson was fatherless his entire life and an orphan at age 14. His story of perservance and making the most of his life even when it looked like he didn’t stand a chance to amount to anything is inspiring.  He was known as the people’s president because he….


2. Built the Hermitage in ? months/years


3. Hermitage property began as 425 acres but ended up into a 1,000+ plantation when all was said and done.


4. Use all of the pig, but the “squeal”


5. Wallpaper in The Hermitage is more than 185 years old.


6. Interesting fact about the Tomb/Buriel


7. Made others call him General rather than President, he was a true soldier.


8. Jackson owned more than ??? slaves, which lived in houses on the plantation.







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